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We are looking for a vibrant Preschool Teacher to educate, nurture, and inspire the young minds at our preschool. Using a variety of teaching methods, including artistic expression, educational play, and storytelling, you will teach children to identify shapes, colors, numbers, and letters, while providing them with foundational life skills and preparing them for the next stage of formal education.
To be successful as a Preschool Teacher, you should have the patience, compassion, and energy to successfully guide a class of young children, each of whom will have different needs, abilities, aptitudes, and emotions. The best candidate will also have excellent administrative and organizational skills, in order to plan curriculums and create reports on each child's progress.

We are searching for a nurturing Toddler Teacher to ensure that the basic and
educational needs of our students are met. As a Toddler Teacher, you will be required
to prepare and deliver classroom activities, communicate with staff and parents, and
ensure that the learning environment remains safe at all times. You should also be an
excellent role model for our students.
To be successful as a Toddler Teacher, you should be creative, energetic, and able to
encourage self-expression. Top candidates will possess a thorough understanding of
the contextual factors that shape early childhood development.

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